Why You Should Start a Company Internal Vlog (And how to do it)
Company internal vlog


Video is an amazing medium for affecting and engaging people across the company. It is faster and more attainable than a blog, more flexible than a meeting and more engaging than an email.


But of course, you know this already. That’s why you’re here.


Vlogging is generally perceived as a marketing means, but since businesses have successfully started integrating video in various communications, the call for more internal video is there.


Setting video marketing measures aside for now, in this text we aim to provide you with a list of reasons to why and how to start a company internal video blog.


From marketing products to engaging people

The action of creating an internal vlog is the same as in cases of marketing communications, but the goals are somewhat different. Instead of striving for a bigger audience, increased website traffic or more products sold – the typical reasons for vlogging – you are driven by “softer value objectives” when addressing an internal audience.


As a lot of the content on vlogging state, the future is visual. Since the very first moving image (The Horse in Motion) over 140 years ago, we have been compelled by the medium. And the easier videos are to attain, the more we’re drawn to them. Today, we learn and entertain ourselves primarily by watching videos.


Hence, video is the solution when your goal is to affect, educate, inspire and engage with your audience.


Why should you start an internal vlog?

  1. Get people on the same wavelength

    Video is an emotive medium and we run on emotions. Thus, tapping onto our emotions as a means to influence and affect is undoubtedly effective.

    The psychology behind the success of vlogging is rather simple: video – specifically of a person – calls on real-life emotional cues and transmits emotional contagion. Your facial expressions, tone of voice, gestures and linguistics carry within a mountain of meaning which makes it easier to relate to than, say, an email.

    The emotional elements make it easier to draw people closer, engage and commit them – to get people on the same wavelength with you.

  2. Breach distances

    Especially in large and geographically granular organisations, being present is a real challenge for a leader.

    Vlogging your thoughts and insights on a regular basis helps you connect with people working in different locations. Sharing videos alone won’t solve your company’s community and culture challenges, but it is much easier to develop the culture when leadership is actively communicating.

    Making your vlog interactive within a safe communications environment lowers the threshold for employees to take part in the discussion. This way you’ll breach both mental and physical distances and become more present and attainable within your organisation.

  3. Engage (with) your people

    The word “engagement” has been tossed around plenty during the past decade of social media, cementing it as a semi-permanent buzzword in the industry. However, the word does relate to an actual benefit.

    By encouraging people to take part in the discussion you set forth, and by guaranteeing a safe environment for doing so, you enable a culture in which employees can voice their thoughts and ideas, stay committed to the company and remain happier doing something they feel they are, well, engaged in. Or as someone much smarter than I said:

    “those who write the bill don’t fight the bill.”

What do you need to start vlogging?

  1. Platform

    From a UX standpoint your vlog site is best as an owned and operated video community. An O&O site will remove the distractions of ad-selling social media platforms as well as enable a safer space for discussions and knowledge sharing. O&O publishing also guarantee you remain in control over your content.

    Your vlog platform should scale for access on all devices, support instant delivery of content and offer interactive features to help you connect with your audience. It is imperative to have the environment fully in your control in terms of community management and privacy.

    Struu is designed to provide you with a fully controllable video community, flexible audience management and privacy settings to make it a go-to video platform for both company internal and external video communications. Struu allows you to build public, private and hidden video communities for different audiences, contents and communication needs.

  2. Equipment

    These days any smartphone will carry the necessary basic features to record videos. Still, it’s good to equip yourself with a few extra bits to make your content quality good and the viewing experience pleasant.

    What works for me, is placing the phone on a small table-top tripod (like these Joby models) to remove any shaking of the image, and connecting a mobile phone microphone to improve the sound quality. Also, make sure to record with sufficient lighting!

    Key is to have the image and sound quality good enough not to dispel your viewers, but the production light enough to support vlogging on your own means and equipment. You really don’t need a media department to vlog.

    Struu is an intuitive video platform for recording, light editing, branding and publishing your videos to the right audience.

  1. Style & format

    All too often leaders speak as the corporate’s official embodiment, which overrides much of the congenital authenticity of the medium. Let’s be blunt about one thing: NOBODY gets excited about corporate mouthpiece content.

    You want to affect and engage your viewers? Then speak as yourself; with a human approach, personal opinions, flaws and emotions.

    Speaking through the corporate golden mean won’t breach distances or bring you any closer to your people, but actually reinforces the separation between leadership and employees, shaping you as the “managerial mouthpiece” instead of an inspiring leader.

    Beyond the style of communication, it’s good to establish a format that works for you. Think of your contents as a consistent series with a refined brand and recurring elements. Naturally the message comes first, but as a secondary matter it’s worthwhile to think about what kind of format is best suited to your style of vlogging. How’s the lighting? Recording location and background? What assets are you using to visualise your message?

    Working on Struu presents you opportunities to easily enrich your videos with synced presentation materials and brand your content with a custom logo.

  1. Consistency

    As we stated in our article listing best business vloggers, “dedication is where it begins and ends”. In order to reach a lasting impact, you need to stay committed to creating new content.

    Vlogging is, most of all, an interactive and consistent practice. Once you get going with your videos and manage to establish a certain style of working, it’s important to keep at it. As you do more, your communication will improve, your style will enhance and the value (of your content) for your audience will increase.

    The whole point of you vlogging is to engage and commit your people, right? The only way to achieve that is by committing yourself to the task.


Happy vlogging, folks!


By Eero Alasuutari
Chief Creative Officer for Struu

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