This is why your choice of videoplayer matters

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” – Jezz Bezos, Amazon


As CX is overtaking price and product as the main brand differentiator (, a vast number of companies are turning every stone in their attempts to improve their customers’ journey.

Delivering video content for different parts of that journey, aiding the clients’ to succeed in their needs, may that be inspirational examples, how-to instructions or even video-based one-on-one customer service – has become a vital part of the CX.

The underlying reasons for the rise of video content are simple – moving images are very informative and easily consumed. And simultaneously, for the communicator, video contains a superior possibility to add a layer of personality and authenticity for the brand (speaking).

Simultaneously, following pretty much the same pattern as the marketers, corporate HR directors are looking into ways to raise the level of employee engagement and knowledge sharing.


It’s a game of content

To an ever-growing extent, both your clients and employees rely on video content when they want to be educated and inspired. You could look at it this way: if your competitor is outplaying you in the level of inspirational and guiding video content they are offering, you’re giving them a headstart in the competition for clients and employees.

So, why would our topic, the video player, be of importance in this game?


The ability to produce video content – from few to many

Being noticed is not the same as being remarkable. Running down the street naked will get you noticed, but it won’t accomplish much. It’s easy to pull off a stunt,

but not useful. – Seth Godin


Fair enough, a remarkable piece of video content is a compelling artform. Watching a well-written story unfold in a visually attractive manner, and being logically interlinked to the brand telling the story, very much tickles my brain cells. But in the long-run, in the context of customer experience and internal knowledge sharing, remarkability is not a game of box-office hits. On the contrary, the remarkable experience is attained with relevant, timely, well-presented information – being present whenever needed.

And note this, especially in the context of knowledge sharing, it will be difficult to organize the planning and production of this vast amount of video material to a central content production unit. To support the content design and production staff, you should think of harnessing all your employees with capabilities to produce video material.

This is where the video player comes in the picture. Because, even if the video production has arrived in our pockets in form of smart phones, and the video editing apps are fairly simple to use – production of a good video tends to be too time-consuming for an expert that would want to share his knowledge to her peers. And why is this? Simply due to the fact that we are used to author text and powerpoint presentations, not edit video.

So, instead of forcing our specialists to become video editing experts, we could allow them to use the skills that they already obtain and use on daily basis. Instead of letting video format control the way we work, force the video to adapt to our prevailing circumstances. As a result, we will get better return for the invested time – and also, better quality content.


Offering the best-of-breed content consumption experience

Accessability of video content has taken huge leaps in the recent years. Many video platforms have now capabilities for real-time speech to text (subtitling) and as the machines learn, the quality further improves. However, especially in the context of keynote speeches, seminars and alike, the viewer has to lean on the director’s choice to decide of what is important.

As viewers, we are equipped with different kinds of capabilities to assimilate information. Some of us learn by listening, some by reading texts or viewing graphs. In order to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better, your video player should take this into consideration.

When you’re spending vast amount of time and money to obtain viewers for your content, it would be a waste to let them get away disappointed, just because you did not offer them compelling content consumption experience.


Meet the Struu player

So, here’s our pitch: The Struu player offers the best-of-breed viewing experience, and an inherent capability for your content producers to create compelling content with methods most natural for them.


Let’s take a closer look why:

First of all, the video is separated from the presentation materials. So, the content producer can easily synchronize presentation material (e.g. powerpoint slides) with the video, without any need to use separate editing or live-streaming application. In the production process this is made really simple, the timing can be conducted on-the-fly during the production, and the timings can be edited from a separate timeline running alongside the video timeline.

The wiewer, from the other hand, can switch between different player views from the toggle buttons on the top-bar of the player. Watch both the video and presentation materials simultaneously, just the video or just the slides – whichever is found the most compatible for that content. The presentation material timeline, shown in the bottom part of the picture, works as video index, so jumping to a specific part in the presentation is intuitive and simple.

From a technical perspective, separating the presentation materials from the video works in multiple ways. The presentation materials are always of high-quality, and the video doesn’t need to use as much bandwidth as in the case that the presentation materials would be part of the video stream itself.  


Video tools to support your communications ecosystem

Video is becoming an integral part of communications and knowledge sharing. When utilizing video to for those means, the video should be accessible in a way supporting our individual and varying preferences to consume and adapt information. And the choice of video tools and technology should support our existing capabilities to produce content.


Struu is at your service to reach those targets.


By Janne Vainionpää
The author, co-founder of Struu, is a tech-gadget loving road cycling enthusiast 

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